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Our story

The European Cup of 2008 was hosted by Switzerland and Austria. I was in Chur, a small city in south-central Switzerland, watching games and seeing how happy people were cheering for their favorite country in the tournament. In my case, I have dual-citizenship, so I was cheering for both Switzerland and Italy. Lucky for me, they never played each other!

As I watched the games, I noticed people were wearing not only the jerseys of their country, but also had small flags on their shoulders, their cars, their bicycles, etc. and it gave me an idea - why not show the countries you love any day of the week, any time of year? From that experience, I came up with the idea of "I Love Both Countries".

When I think of the world, I am amazed by the number of countries and how every day you might meet someone from a new one!
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Michele Gentile